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The main benefit of wearing cycling shoes is to improve pedal efficiency and enable you to fully transfer energy from your feet to bike pedals. They are equipped with rigid soles that aid in keeping your feet from flexing thus reducing fatigue and cramping. Cycling shoes should be well fitting to give you a good snug in the heel with uniform pressure around the instep. The ends shouldn’t be pressing, restricting or pinching. When buying a cycling shoe, emphasize on one that has a little toe room at the end yet still remaining fit. There are shoes made for spinning, others come with cleats, slotted shoe plates and others good for clipless pedals. Unlike in the past when cycling shoes only came plastic soles and hard leather, modern cycling shoes come with highly refined features. Whether you have slim or wide feet, there is the right shoe for you. A lot of focus is on comfort, feet position, smooth pedal strokes, and laces. If you plan to get one for your road or mountain biking trip, then below are the top 10 best cycling shoes for wide feet. Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet Name Conclusion SIDI Shoes Genius 7 Mega Editors Choice Check Price Lake CX 237 Cycling Shoe Runner Up Check Price Shimano SHRP3 Unisex Road Performance Biking Shoe Budget Road Bike Option Check Price Giro Apeckx II Men’s Cycling Shoes Unisex Option Check Price Tommaso Strada Road Touring Spinning Cycling Shoe Versitile Check Price Gavin Velo Wide Cycling Shoe Budget Road & Mountain Bike Option Check Price Giro Chamber Men's MTB Cycling Shoes Versetile MTB Shoe Check Price SHIMANO SH-TR9 Cycling Shoe Great Overall Option Check Price Fizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe Great Overall Option Check Price SHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe Comfortable MTB Shoe Check Price Best Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet: SIDI Shoes Genius 7 Mega The Sidi Genius 7 Mega is known for being one of the top cycling shoes for wide feet. Specifically designed for cyclists with wide feet, the sidi incorporates a high instep and a wider heel cup for additional comfort and fit. It features a Microfibre Microtech upper with mesh which promotes airflow and helps keep your feet cool & dry at all times. This is ideal for wide feel cyclists since heat can make the feet swell making it uncomfortable and quite painful. It also features Caliper Buckle closure system which allows for micro-adjustments for a more precise fit, it also features 2 velcro straps for additional stability. Overall a great choice for any rider with wide feet. Features and Benefits fit is 4mm wider across the ball of the footMicrofibre Microtech upper with mesh keeps feet cool and dryInstep-2 Closure System is wide, anatomically curved and incorporates a thermo-formed EVA pad to evenly distribute pressure across the shoeLeva Caliper closure system provides a more precise fitSecure velcro with integrated locking polymer teeth keeps feet in placeReplaceable polyurethane heel pad protects the heel when off the bikeReinforced heel keeps the foot in an optimal positionLake CX 237 Cycling Shoe Next up is the Lake CX 237, the heels are fully lined with leather for more protection. Anyone with wide feet will enjoy wearing this shoe. In fact, it has 15mm of additional pressure-release so you’ll never experience painful sores. Moreover, the releasable lace gives you a personalized fit. You can lessen or tighten the shoe to suit the needs of your feet.  The shoe is engineered in a special way that allows you to drive all your energy to bike pedals and nothing gets lost. The air mesh panel allows your feet to breath while still enjoying a good fit. Features and Benefits  Lined heels provide comfort, protection, and supportIt ensures no energy is lost in the pedaling process Carbon fiber sole provides durability Perforations enhance breathabilityShimano SHRP3 Unisex Road Performance Biking Shoe This is a lightweight cycling shoe that is compatible with both SPD and SPD-SL cleats. Shimano RP3 is the ideal biking shoe for any type of road performance trip.  It utilizes an exclusive Dynalast technique that incorporates a minimal scoop which is ideal for low-heeled toes. It also features two loop straps, hooks and buckle system, to guarantee you a secure and snug fit. This means you can ride for several hours without them getting loose.  The off-set strap eliminates pressure points and tension by relieving strain at the high points of your feet. Its tongue is well-padded so it feels smooth and easy.  The reinforced nylon sole is comfortable and has a dual vent system for improved breathability. You can choose between two or three bolt MTB cleats from the provided 5 cleats depending on your riding style. Features and Benefits The lower and upper straps guarantee you rigidity and comfort It comes in a variety of sizes for you to choose It is ideal for all users in different categories It is breathable and assures no pressure points or tensionGiro Apeckx II Men’s Cycling Shoes Giro Apeckx is a cycling shoe of its kind. The upper material combines mesh cut-outs and high-quality microfiber construction to increase breathability and boost freshness. The inner lining is treated with Aegis to make it anti-microbial. The treatment helps to eliminate bad odors resulting from long distance rides.  The shoe is also fitted with a three-bolt design that makes it cleat-compatible. Instead of carbon fibers that are usually used in most cycling shoes, Giro Apeckx has a DuPoint Zytel nylon plate that gives it extra durability and firmness. Apart from the modest but adaptable design, this shoe has a heavily padded tongue with a set of off-set straps. The straps reduce the pressure exerted on your shoe whenever you’re pedaling.  The midsection is spacious so it can accommodate wide feet without being too tight. At the foot-bed, the shoe is molded with an EVA insole for maximum arch support. The hook-and-loop strap adjusts easily for a snug fit. For extra comfort and custom fit, adjust the bottom strap around your toes. Features and Benefits  It combines high-end features all in one affordable shoe Wide-midsection design makes it best suited for wide feet.Aegis anti-microbial inner lining means no bad smells due to sweat buildup Rigid and durable yet comfortable.Tommaso Strada Road Touring Spinning Cycling Shoe Tommaso is a well-recognized cycling shoe brand engineered for extreme compatibility and versatility. It blends both comfort and performance and is an excellent shoe for road performance, commutes, spin classes and touring.  Regardless of the type of pedals, you’re riding, these shoes come with cleats that are well-matched with both SPD and SPD-SL.  The lock Velcro straps coupled with a low-profile design gives you an ergonomic fit while keeping your feet secure throughout your ride.  The sole is reinforced with fiberglass for enhanced firmness and optimum power transfer. Regardless of how long you ride, you never get weary. The upper section features a synthetic leather construction that makes it comfortable and ideal for all-day use. Some of the upper portions have mesh- like cuts for air circulation. Features and Benefits Fiberglass reinforcement gives it more toughness and pedaling efficiency Mesh cuts improve coolness The lock Velcro straps give you a custom fit and feet safetyMultipurpose shoe ideal for full day ridesGavin Velo Wide Cycling Shoe  Gavin Velo is a professional shoe that comes with a micro-adjustable buckle that allows you to fine tune for a perfect fit regardless of your feet size.  The upper section has a synthetic microfiber leather with a breathable mesh that makes it lightweight and cool.  The shoe combines a hook-loop strap and a ratchet that you set for a nice fit. Every ride is a perfect ride with this cycling shoe.  The outsole has a fiberglass construction that helps to keep the shoe cool whenever you pedal.  For stability, Gavin Velo features a molded heel cup. It is compatible with a variety of cleats. The foot- pedal connection has been refined for a controllable and efficient pedaling experience. There is a size for everyone. Features and Benefits compatible with various cleats including SPD, SPD-SL, and SPD-R. Very easy to wear and adjustGuarantees both pedaling efficiency and endurance They fit pretty nicely while feeling easy and cool on your feet.Giro Chamber Men’s MTB Cycling Shoes Next up is the Giro Chamber Men’s cycling shoes, they are designed to look like casual shoes you walk around in but the Giro Chamber is used by many professional enduro and downhill racers. They are SPD cleat compatible and come with enough grip allowing you to use it on both clipless or flat pedals, the additional grip on the outsole is also ideal when stepping on uneven or wet terrain. Features and Benefits Inspired by the needs of enduro and downhill racers10mm cleat setback conserves energy & increases stabilityTraditional laces with ankle strap for additional securityVibram Megagrip sole allows you to ride with both flats or clipless pedalsDH EVA footbed with arch support for additional comfortSHIMANO SH-TR9 Cycling Shoe The Shimano SH-TR9 comes in both a men & women’s version for more of a personalized fit. It features a 3d breathable mesh and an anatomical toe cap with air intake for enhanced ventilation keeping your feet cool and dry at all times. As for performance, it features a carbon fiber composite sole for greater power transfer and pedal efficiency. Features and Benefits Carbon composite sole for greater power transferBreathable upper keeps your feet cool & drySynthetic leather provides ensures durabilityHook-and-loop closures for simplicity and effective securityAsymmetrical heel loops allow for quick and easy adjustabilityFizik R5 Road Cycling Shoe The Fizik R5 features an asymmetrical construction that ergonomically conforms to the foot’s anatomy, which makes it ideal for cyclists with wider feet. it’s also designed with a Microtel upper for comfort and durability. It’s also designed with a Boa closure system which allows for 1mm increments of adjustments providing you with a precise fit. It features a composite outsole for greater power transfer and efficiency as well as maintaining suppleness and comfort. Features and Benefits BOA Dial for 1mm increments of adjustmentMicrotel upper for comfort and durabilityasymmetrical construction that ergonomically conforms to the foot’s anatomycomposite outsole for greater power transfer and efficiencySHIMANO SH-XC5 Mountain Bike Shoe The Shimano SH-XC5 mtb shoe is designed with Supple synthetic leathers with enhanced venting provides comfort and breathability. The closure system features lace closures with miniature power straps for additional feet security. It’s also built with a carbon fiber sole making it quite lightweight and durable. The outsole is designed with additional grip for reliable traction in certain terrain. Features and Benefits 2-bolt MTB cleatCarbon-fiber reinforced midsole making it lightweight & stiffClosure system laces are reinforced with a power strapReinforced spike mounts for extreme conditionsBuyer’s Guide – What To Look For When Buying Cycling Shoes For Wide Feet: Sole Materials One of the most important features in a cycling shoe are the soles. The outsole of the shoe can have a huge impact on cycling performance. There are 3 materials used in cycling shoes, these are Carbon, Plastic, A Mixture of both plastic & carbon. Each one has their place for price, performance, and comfort. The best material in terms of performance is carbon by far, carbon soles are typically used in most high-end cycling shoes, carbon is really effective in reducing loss of energy which typically occurs when the shoe bends or twists while you pedal. Fit When purchasing cycling shoes its important to note that not all shoes fit the same even if they are the same size, some companies make their shoes slightly wider while others create their shoes more narrow. For this reason it’s always recommended to try the shoe before you purchase. Cleat Compatibility Another crucial element to be aware of is cleat & pedal compatibility. Road bike shoes use SPD-SL cleats which are a 3 hole pattern, & mountain bike shoes use SPD which is a 2 hole pattern. 3-hole cleats are optimal for power transfer and performance. 2 hole cleats are recessed and make it much easier to walk around and are perfect for off-road riding. Closure systems Closure systems have a massive impact when it comes to comfort, security and fit. There are 4 closure systems you will come accross when purchasing a pair of cycling shoes. Starting with BOA dials, BOA dials are the best for adjustability they allow for 1mm adjustment increments which is perfect if you want to get a precise fit. They are found in most high-end cycling shoes. Next is Ratchet Buckles allow for easy adjustability although it doesn’t provide the same level of adjustability as Boa but still allows you to get a good fit. Next is Velcro Straps When it comes to durability, security, & comfort are a good choice although they do not offer increments of adjustments. Laces are a good option if you’re looking for a lightweight shoe and a natural feel but you won’t be able to adjust them on the fly. A Few Final Words Cycling shoes are the most critical accessories that enhance your riding experience. However, cyclists with wide feet often experience a challenging moment trying to find the right fitting shoe that isn’t too tight. It means you have to consider SPD cleat compatibility, breathability, and fit and more. Listed above are the top 5 best cycling shoes for wide feet to guide you when buying one.

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